ICYMI: The Ad That Moved People the Most: Bernie Sanders’s America

New York Times: The Ad That Moved People the Most: Bernie Sanders’s America

They may be difficult to recall, but there were some things about the 2016 presidential election that made people happy and hopeful. Perhaps even harder to believe is that some of those things were campaign advertisements.

A few 2016 campaign ads stand out for how happy and hopeful they made people feel, and one ad in particular dominated. That ad was Bernie Sanders’s minute-long spot called “America.”

America | Bernie Sanders Video by Bernie 2016

The ad is a montage of American images — farms, cities, windmills, offices, coffee shops and kitchen tables — set to the well-known Simon & Garfunkel song of the same name. Other than the obligatory message of approval at the end, there’s no audio other than the tune and the background sounds of American life, which occasionally involve the waxing and waning of roars from the crowds as Mr. Sanders comes into and out of frame.

As the duo sing, “They’ve all come to look for America,” videos of thousands of supporters meeting Mr. Sanders, in different times and places, flow across the screen and divide into squares on a quilt that multiplies over and over until there are too many to see.

By far, Mr. Sanders’s “America” was the ad from 2016 that made SpotCheck’s raters the happiest and the most hopeful. Nearly 80 percent of viewers said the ad made them at least a little bit happy and hopeful in the week it debuted — including over half of the Republicans who saw it.

DML Message Congratulates Local Candidates on their Victories

DML Message congratulates Aftab Pureval, Leon Stavrinakis, and Matt Meyer for their victories Wednesday, and are excited that these candidates are helping bring real change to the people and places that they now serve.

Political newcomer Pureval was elected to the Hamilton County Clerk of Courts. “The man with the duck ads” toppled Traci Winkler, “one of the best-known names in Hamilton County politics” according to WCPO.

Stavrinakis handily won his race, receiving 61% of the vote in a South Carolinian seat he has held since 2006. Stavrinakis knows the city of Charleston well, and it is why he is known as one of Charleston’s “best local legislators.

Meyer doubled the vote of incumbent Mark Blake to become Delaware’s New Castle County Executive in a campaign where he promised to change the culture of corruption inside the state’s largest municipal government.

Tad Devine: Power Player of the Week

Named Fox News’ “Power Player of the Week,” Tad Devine sat down with Chris Wallace to discuss the striking successes of Bernie Sanders’ 2016 White House run.

“I’m surprised…we’ve made so much progress in such a short time,” Devine says, reflecting on the campaign’s humble roots. “Our nominee should be picked by voters and not political insiders,” Sanders’ chief messenger emphasized.


The Rhode Islander Pushing Bernie Sanders’ Message

Rhode Island political commentator Scott MacKay recently caught up with Tad Devine, the “media message maven” behind Bernie Sanders’ insurgent political campaign.

Once viewed as an “improbable” candidate, Devine has played a pivotal role as Sanders transformed from “long-shot dreamer to serious competitor.”

“Tad is very passionate and very competitive. What he’s done for Bernie is unbelievable,” said former Rhode Island Governor Lincoln Chafee – a one-time Democratic hopeful.


INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS TIMES: Bernie Sanders Has The Most Effective Political Ads on TV

The International Business times takes a look at the top ten political ads that have aired during the presidential campaign season thus far. With eight of the top 12 ads as ranked by TV advertising firm Ace Metrix, Sanders has “the most persuasive political ads on television.” This is particularly impressive considering that 152 different presidential campaign ads have already been released.

“Bernie Sanders’s message of economic inequality is resonating even during the commercial breaks.”


BUSINESS INSIDER: These are the 12 most effective adverts of the 2016 presidential campaign – and one candidate clearly dominates.

Bernie Sanders campaign ad

Business Insider reports on the most effective ads of the 2016 campaign thus far. Bernie Sanders leads presidential hopefuls with eight of the 12 most effective ads, including all top three selections, as ranked by Ace Metrix.

“…new data shows that Democrat hopeful Bernie Sanders has dominated this area of the 2016 race so far, according to Ace Metrix, which measures the impact of video advertising.”

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CAMPAIGN US: Bernie Sanders has the most effective political ads of the 2016 presidential race

Bernie Sanders Campaign

Bernie Sanders dominates cross-sectional rankings of campaign ads for the 2016 presidential race and earns top rankings among Democrat and Independent voters.

“…Sanders’ Dec. 28 spot “Social Security” scored the highest aggregated total across more than half-a-dozen metrics like watchability, relevance and credibility as determined by a politically and demographically balanced panel of 500 people.”

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BLOOMBERG POLITICS: Bernie Sanders Beating Hillary Clinton on Broadcast TV

Weekly spot counts for Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. Source: Kantar/CMAG

Source: Kantar/CMAG via Bloomberg

Bernie Sanders’ advertising giant awakens as voters ready for the polls in a race where the underdog is becoming the top dog.

“But ever since the Sanders campaign started buying TV ads in November, the Clinton campaign has lost that advantage: Week after week, the Sanders campaign has matched or exceeded the number of ad spots purchased in the early-voting states by the Clinton campaign.”

‘“I don’t think we’re going to concede any advantage to them in terms of placement in Iowa or New Hampshire,”’ said Tad Devine, Sanders’ senior media advisor.

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NJ: Meet the Democratic Operatives Fighting Their Party Establishment Over Its Future

devine mulvey longabaugh

Devine Mulvey Longabaugh was featured in the National Journal this week for our work with progressive campaigns and causes around the country. The article highlights the partners’ long history of helping insurgent campaigns challenge the party establishment.

“Their re­sumes don’t ex­actly scream “polit­ic­al out­siders.” But they do share a pen­chant for cam­paigns that were ini­tially over­looked by oth­ers in Wash­ing­ton.”

“Ideo­lo­gic­ally, we ended up with these can­did­ates be­cause of what we be­lieve and what we stand for,” said Mark Longabaugh.

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Best Democratic Congressional Ad

Last week we took home five Pollie Awards from the American Association of Political Consultants in New Orleans.

See the Best Democratic Congressional Ad of 2014 that was called “one of the most brutal attack ads you’ll ever see” by The Washington Post.

See the gold winning Web Video that Keystone Politics called the “best introduction video of any candidate running this cycle”.

Our groundbreaking “Fracking Crew” ads for North Carolina took home two Pollies.

Watch the Gold for Best Use of Illustration in a TV ad.

Congratulations to all of the winners this year, especially to our great friend Bob Shrum, who was inducted into the AAPC’s Hall of Fame.

“Toughest Ad of 2014”

Last Friday night Devine Mulvey Longabaugh took home the Reed Award for “TOUGHEST AD OF 2014” presented by Campaigns & Elections Magazine in Las Vegas.

You can see the winning ad, “One Story” for the Bobby McKenzie campaign, here.

The spot tells the true story of 101-year-old Texana Hollis’ forceful eviction from her home of 50 years. The Washington Post called it “one of the most brutal attack ads you’ll ever see”. M-Live.com said the viewer is “riveted” by the story, and factually gets “no foul” in tying Bobby’s opponent to the foreclosure crisis.

Watch the ad

Tad Devine signs on to work with Bernie Sanders on potential 2016 run

The Washington Post sat down with Tad Devine earlier this week regarding a potential Bernie Sanders 2016 campaign for President.

“If he runs, I’m going to help him,” Devine said in an interview. “He is not only a longtime client but a friend. I believe he could deliver an enormously powerful message that the country is waiting to hear right now and do it in a way that succeeds.”

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